Valentine's underwear

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ღ Underwear with straps made from scratch by meღ

➤Weightpainted by me to Zin Fit base

➤ Shaped to my edit of Zin Fit base (only minimum edit on the boobs and back, the feet are heeled but posed differently than original)

➤Got 13 materials in total and comes with 3 lace textures

➤3 meshes, one for the underwear, one for the straps and one for the socks

➤3 bones for the crosses (not counting body bones)

➤35k poly's in total

Not allowed to be sold on its own, on free or public avatars.

➤Allowed to be sold on finished models and credit me if you use it

➤Credit me for the underwear mesh: CompelledInk#1062
Credit Zinpia ( for the sock mesh as I copied the mesh of the Zinfit base legs, resized it as a sock and added a lace edge.
Credit for lace texture:
Credit for sock lace edges:

➤Thanks to Naudine#1213 for optimizing the new version's materials. Both versions are included.

Slight clipping could occure, if it's major, please contact me through my help channel in my server and I will try to fix it. Don't DM me please.

In this package you will recieve the fbx file for the underwear and texture for the lace. Body and pasties not included.

Contact me if anything needs fixing.

I want this!


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Valentine's underwear

42 ratings
I want this!